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Get Paid A Six Figure Salary to Travel the World

Get Paid A Six Figure Salary to Travel the World

These days it might seem like you need to be a blogger to have career freedom to roam & travel the world while getting paid a six-figure salary. But this is simply not the case, in fact, most bloggers actually earn next to nothing, the key here is to be the person with the skills that everyone needs, then define a career for yourself that pays you to work from anywhere in the world.

In our opinion, the best place to start a world-nomad career is in the digital economy. When you’ve got skills and expertise in the disciplines of digital marketing, online strategy and optimisation, data analytics and design…well you’ve got yourself the most sought-after skill set in the current market place. Every company in the world needs our skill and expertise right now.

Tips on How to Work to Travel and Travel to Work

First and foremost, you certainly don’t need to be a blogger – in fact, you’re actually going to earn more if you focus on having the right skills as mentioned above to be able to be in a position of power and/or negotiation with your employer to get paid to work remotely for a month or two while remaining in your job.

Tip One – Become an Asset to Your Company in Skills that Don’t Require in-person Outcomes

The best thing about working in the space of digital marketing and technology is that your job will largely be online. When you’re creating a digital content strategy, conducting UX research or analysing data analytics, you’re doing this online and all of your deliverables are digitally produced too.

When you can create a role for yourself that allows you to deliver highly valuable work for a company while not having a dependency of in-person interactivity, such as taking phone calls, sitting on reception, attending events – you’re setting yourself up to be autonomous but highly required in terms of skills and output.

Tip Two – Spend Six Months Sucking Up – Proving Your Work Ethic & Expertise

Assuming you’ve got the skills to work a job that doesn’t require you to be in an office dealing with people, as mentioned above. The next step is proving your work ethic, integrity and reliability for positive outcomes for the company you work for.

This step is going to take a lot of motivation, focus and at times sucking it up and keeping your eye on the prize – aka working from Paris for a month.

Ensure you’re consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of your KPI’s and also your boss’s KPI’s too. We’ve written a helpful article on Upwards Management that you can read and apply to this step.

Be on time to meetings, deliver every deadline on time and to the highest quality. If you need more time on a body of work, speak up early on so reliability is never questioned.

Get into the habit of sending end of week Work in Progress (WIP) status updates via email to your boss and key stakeholders. Doing this every single week over time will condition them to know you’re on top of everything and that they don’t need to follow up with you on deliverables that impact them.

Tip Three – Figure Out Where You Want to Travel & How Feasible it Is

Another item to figure out and be realistic about is where you want to travel and ensure it genuinely is a place you can get work done.

For example, working from Ibiza and planning a party month while ‘working’ is not doing the right thing by your company – your choice of location does need to be mutually beneficial. You’re not getting paid to holiday you’re getting paid to work from overseas.

On the other hand, say a city like Paris and your HQ is located in Singapore. The time difference allows for Zoom meetings from 9am-11am Paris time which is 3pm-5pm Singapore time, therefore no one is put out. A city like Paris also has great internet speed and ample wifi and co-working spaces – etc.

In summary, a career in digital is also one that earns you far more freedom than the six figures, these skills help you create a life of work to travel and travel to work – the world is your office #whatsbetter.




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