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How Kindness (yes being nice) Makes You a Better Digital Designer & Content Creator

How Kindness (yes being nice) Makes You a Better Digital Designer & Content Creator

To be a successful digital content strategist and/or a digital designer, kindness, consideration and empathy for others are the top skills that will set you up for customer and career success far above and beyond talent.

For example – your web design focus is the latest one-page magazine-style layout with big images and big fonts because as a designer you love this aesthetic – well congratulations Picasso, you’ve failed to have empathy for your end-users (but don’t worry we’ve all been there). Think about it this way, with a few big images would new hotel guests learn enough information about the location, the facilities, the room sizes, the prices to make a trustworthy and informed choice? And what about users who are using mobile data – those big images you love and the font files…do you think it’s kind to use a sh*t tonne of someone’s data just to view your website?

The best way to approach any digital design and content element, be that a web page, email campaign, web content and even social media content is to have a customer-first approach to your design thinking.

Think of four types of customer, guest or client for your business and for each group into their thoughts, needs, feelings and actions – this step is your empathy.

Next work with your team to think of layout options that will help provide ease of use for research, for sharing information for booking – what will help and show them kindness and support with using your business or brand?

Take the below example map of Jamie buying a TV – from your empathy mapping exercises you have identified he feels overwhelmed and also unsure who to trust, he is also saying things like ‘what do you think, what brand do you like?‘ and he makes pro and cons list.

In knowing this how about designing your website to showcase customer testimonials, what about an Instagram highlight and stories with customer testimonials and re-shares? and where he feels overwhelmed – what about a site section with FAQ’s and clear access to call for personal support? and make his pro and con’s list in your favour with a ‘why buy with us’ content block.

As you can see having empathy for Jamie to consider him, having kindness for his feeling of overwhelming to create FAQ’s and a clear big button that says contact us for help is considerate for his needs.

Now, who do you think Jamie will purchase from – a sexy one-page website with big images and headlines or considered and kind design approach and content that answers his questions, meet his needs, makes him feel secure and also excited for his big purchase?.

Empathy Map example

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