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How to Work Smarter Hours Not Longer Hours

How to Work Smarter Hours Not Longer Hours

Working longer hours does not = productivity, a better quality of work nor does it = a healthier and happier you. We’re about to show you exactly how you can work smarter hours not longer hours to achieve 6 hours of work in just 3 hours PLUS double win – your body will be more toned and you’ll activate a serotonin boost all-why-your-getting-paid-to-work! 

So what is his magic concept you ask!? Based on various areas of reading and research about learning, memory retention, focus and productivity with the added combination of being in lockdown in Paris (COVID-19) the SMART-HOURS-LIST 📝 👩🏻‍💻 👨🏻‍💻was a natural evolution of the usual ‘to-do-list’.

🔥Q: WTF is a Smart Hours List!?

We made this up – but it’s derived by the ‘work smarter not harder’ vibe…officially it is called the Pomodoro Technique (check out the Wiki explanation) and our favourite brain booster teacher, Jim Kwick has several articles on this topic you’ll be interested in for a more in-depth reading.

HOT TIP: In short, the idea of our smart list is to finish work in 3 hours but make it like 6 hours quality and effort – so come Friday that long lunch (or Zoom/HouseParty) with friends is 100% guilt-free and you can focus only on enjoying the moment.

How to Make a Productivity Smart List

We have broken this into five easy steps. The rules that accompany this is phone must be off and desktop notifications must also be off – aka no distractions. You can also find an example of one of ours from last week below

1️⃣ write down your highest priority task and list the deliverable items (sun tasks) underneath but no more than 6 subtasks (you don’t need to put ‘print out agenda level – ‘write agenda’ would be the task).
2️⃣ Get your workspace ready – on your desk should be 1 litre of water + a coffee/tea whatever you’d prefer
3️⃣ Set the timer ⏱ on your phone 📱 to 25 minutes and START your first deliverable!
4️⃣ When the timer stops STOP what you’re doing and do 10 STAR JUMPS + 10-sec PLANK + 10 SQUATS
5️⃣ Get back to your deliverables and repeat this for THREE HOURS non-stop

We swear by this methodology of working – it’s effective, fun, keeps you moving and the 25 mins keep you highly focused on the task at hand. And best of all, who wouldn’t want a long Friyay lunch without the deadline guilts! 👩🏻‍💻👏🏻🤪🍾

Our smart list example

Work Smarter Not Harder Memes

Um, and would this even be an article written by millennials on productivity tips if there weren’t some funny memes thrown in!?

Cute meme




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