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International Students Do Not Receive COVID-19 Income Support – How and Where You Can Help.

International Students Do Not Receive COVID-19 Income Support – How and Where You Can Help.

Over 1 million Australians a month are now in need of emergency food, a figure Australia’s largest hunger-relief organisation, Foodbank, says is “unprecedented.” A further report from Foodbank stated much of the new demand stems from suddenly jobless migrant workers and international students.

The hospitality industry – restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs etc, hire huge numbers of internationals on a casual basis whilst they’re studying – with this industry among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 (Rona) pandemic, sadly casual staff have been the first to go, for locals there is support but for the internationals, there is zero – not even $3 a day for a damn coffee.

There is an estimated 180,000 international students in Australia who have found themselves (and their families back home) up to their eyeballs in student/uni fees (they pay near 5x the tuition than locals) and with now zero income or support.

Many international students live in Sydney – whereby example the minimum weekly rent is circa $300 at the cheap-side – the cost of basic living in Sydney is at least $500 a week – that’s $19,000 per person for the 6 months of lockdown they’ll have, for thousands living in Australia away from their families this amount of money is just not feasible for an independent person unable to access Government Support.

Ways We Can Help

Take a stand with Federal and Local Governments

Let’s be honest and VERY politically correct here, our Government has been very busy with many many COVID-19 related considerations, regulations and to be fair has done a great job…but it seems they’re forgotten this demographic – SO we need to shout out via social and remind them. Here is Scott Morrisons Instagram handle – his Communications/PR interns read them all so do slide into the PM’s DM’s because he will be alerted if enough voices speak to….his interns hearts 💚(insider tip there).

Support Food Releaf Charities & Those that Do

Give them a follow on Instagram, pop them a $10 donation, volunteer your services – aka are you a stood down Marketing Manager atm? why not donate/invest 4 hours a week of your time providing strategy, branding, social media and/or comms…

Find yourself in a financial pickle thanks to COVID and need to shop only essentials! No Problem – you can also support supporters – for example, Arnotts (aka the TIM TAM, ICED VOVO, TINY TEDDIES & HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS creators) have donated $350k to Foodbank and have also donated 750 food hampers to communities near their factories in Australia. Take a look through their website and see where you might ‘consciously’ spend your personal food shopping money to show thanks and support to big brands doing their (big) bit – also #icedvovislyfe

Doppelgänger – Got an International Student Neighbour – Gift them a Gourmet Takeaway/Delivery Restaurant Meal

The fastest way to someones heart ios via their stomach yeah!?  This one is a doppelgänger – two purposes in one. So many restaurants are near closure due to COVID – yes some are thriving due to the expansion of their business model but others actually can not adapt to a takeaway model because overheads are simply not commercially viable. And this is very sad because ‘George’s fish and chip shop’ who can adapt to delivery aren’t the same as ‘Franks fine dining Italian restaurant… but equally no matter where you choose to dine – the fact is employees that work for both styles of restaurants are now unemployed.

What you can do here

Jump onto the Instagram or Website of your favourite restaurant (not Uber Eats – they charge so much its actually a LOL they even call themselves a business, not a ‘loan shark'(hello Bruce). Order a meal that could be used over a few days, like perhaps a roast chicken, salads etc.

This way you’ve contributed to not only your neighbour who needs a good free feed but also your local restaurants who likely hire many internationals too.



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