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Talent is Universal. Opportunity is Not.

Our Social Impact Ethos.

37 %
In Brazil, only 37% of women with less than primary education are in work. This rises to 50% if they have a primary education, and 60% with a secondary education.

60 %
10% fewer girls would become pregnant under 17 years in sub-Saharan Africa and South and West Asia if they all had a primary education Almost 60% fewer girls would become pregnant under 17 years in sub-Saharan Africa and South and West Asia if they all had a secondary education.
33.3 %
Indigenous Australians are nearly 13 times more likely to be unemployed (at a rate of 33.3%) than non-Indigenous Australians (2.6%).

3 Million
If all women had a primary education, there would be 15% fewer child deaths. If all women had a secondary education, child deaths would be cut in half, saving 3 million lives.


Numerous studies have shown that education of girls and women makes a huge difference to the health and economic wellbeing of entire families, communities and countries.
Educating women and girls increase their lifetime earning opportunity, which leads to smaller, healthier, and better-educated families, and stimulates economic growth.

Jobs in the digital economy are available to anyone with the right skills, internet connection & the opportunity.

We've partnered with selected organisations around the globe, like Samasource, Lou's Pl and Canberra Women's Correctional Facility to provide free annual Membership, monthly group mentoring classes.

With thanks to our corporate partners, we're able to secure paid work experience opportunities for women that complete and pass our course work so that they can build a portfolio and generate an income for themselves.

Specialised Skills & Capabilities our Members Learn

Basic Code - HTML & CSS 65%
SEO - Keyword Research 95%
Marketing - Digital Content Strategy 70%
Email Marketing: Working with MailChimp 90%
Social Media: Digital Content Calendars & Social Advertising 90%
SEO: Writing Optimised Title Tags & Meta Descriptions 90%
UX: How to Research & Design Personas 90%
SEO: How to Write Copy for Web 90%

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