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SEVEN Things to Do in Quarantine on the WKEND ❤️💙

SEVEN Things to Do in Quarantine on the WKEND ❤️💙


𝟙 – Make one of those paintings you save on your @pinterestfr boards
𝟚. Keep your abs, your booty & mental health in check – spend 30 mins with @leanbylaura free vids
𝟛 – Cook something healthy and delicious- check out @pickuplimes YouTube for recipes and tutorials
𝟜. Why wouldn’t you have a F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon with some pizza ordered via @ubereats from your local
𝟝 – Start reading that book you bought at the airport OR if you need insp – check @cfigueres new book ‘The Future We Choose’
𝟞. Treat yourself to the brunch you would normally be having with friends…who cares if no one is with you, make a cheese board, set the table, light a candle and enjoy each element of what’s in front of you
𝟟 – Enjoy 3 baths a day…because you can!!! Take a meeting from the bath, watch your fave Insta Stories ours are @gabriellecaunesil @ashleyhart & @vanessahong and enjoy a relaxing meditation in the bath before bed – our fave is linked in the bio for you 😘



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