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Audiences & Personas for Digital Marketing Cut-Through

Audiences & Personas for Digital Marketing Cut-Through

If you own a business, online or offline you have an audience. Meaning that there are certain types of people that want, need and enjoy your products or services. The key to selling and providing more to your audience and also attracting more people to your business is knowing key drivers and genuine needs of your audience than creating content strategies to meet the needs and desires of an audience.

The Persona Method for Audience Specific Content Strategies

Personas are fictional representations (or characters) of your buyers/your audience. When you conduct audience research and create personas, you learn who your online audience is – and how best to market to them via content.

A persona is a representation of the following elements:

  • Who your buyer (audience) is
  • What they are trying to accomplish on your website
  • What goals drive their behaviour
  • How they think
  • How they buy products
  • When and Where they buy products
  • Why they make buying decisions (motivations)

Your purpose in creating personas is to give yourself a deeper understanding of your audience and their behaviours so that you can target them with your content.

It’s not enough to only know the demographic information about your buyers (i.e., 18-35, female, lives in Sydney etc.), you have to understand the psychological factors that influence their decision-making and buying habits to help you make smart decisions for your content strategies.

Once you’ve gathered all of the information, it’s time to turn that data into a story. Personas may be fictional, but the more “real” you can make them, the more effective they will be.

Use the information you’ve gathered, and create it into a narrative. This should be a story you can tell your entire company about the people who you market to.

Elements to include:

  • Persona’s responsibilities
  • Persona’s demographic information
  • Persona’s typical day/week/month/year
  • Persona’s characteristics
  • Persona’s biggest challenges
  • Person’s device preferences (i.e. mobile)

Below is a real example of our Socially Acceptable persona and one of the methods we use to design our content around.




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